Street festival in Italy – trailer

Artists of Dance in Italy!

We are a Hungarian bboy crew! We did more than 70 street shows during an italian street art festival in August! Hope to see You soon at your events whether its a circus show, theater gala night, fashion show, company night, or festival!

Közzétette: Artists of dance – 2019. szeptember 10., kedd

Circus Krone – 2019

Streetfestival in Germany – trailer

Best of 2019

Artists of dance promo 2019

Szeretnél profi showt céges bulira, fesztiválra, cirkuszba?Rendelj meg minket most! :)Do you want a professional break dance show for your company event, festival or circus?Book us now! 🙂

Közzétette: Artists of dance – 2019. november 21., csütörtök